“The Lord will vindicate me; your love, Lord, endures forever – do not abandon the works of your hands.” Psalm 138:8

This is a psalm of David, who revels in how God delivered him from one of the many crises he endured. “The Lord will vindicate me”, which means He will fulfill His purpose for me. Just as God has kept His promises in the past, He will never forsake us. He will bring His plans for us to fruition, since God acts on behalf of His servants.

“The works of Your hands” is simply a statement that we are God’s creation. God’s Word is above everything, including all of the claims of the false gods. He cares for His children, the work of His hands. His hands will protect us and bring His plans for us to completion. God’s hand is against His enemies. David’s victories prefigure the victories of Jesus Christ, and the victories of those who have been baptized into Him.

Salvation is for all nations (all people) who will come to faith through God’s Word.

God’s blessings on your day…

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