Kingdom of God

Join us for this new sermon series beginning June 9

Often, salvation is viewed like our insurance policy—we accept the gospel of Christ so we will go to heaven after we die. We sing songs of worship about surrendering our lives to Christ, but we fail to see that the Kingdom of God is bigger than just attaining salvation so we can gain entrance into heaven. The Kingdom of God is now—it’s all around us, and we need it to permeate our hearts and minds in order to affect the world for Christ. That’s what the gospel of the Kingdom of God is all about.

In this four-week series titled The Kingdom of God is Near, listeners are reminded that there is a stark contrast between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of man. Each week, the series will explore the steps to transforming your mind and your thoughts to reflect a “Kingdom of God” perspective. Instead of simply focusing on how we can make it to heaven, think about how God can bring heaven to dwell inside of you, for all the world to see.

This sermon series will encourage believers to pursue the Kingdom of God today, and to share in the task of spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God to those around them.

Contact: Pastor Dave at or (208) 419-9532 for more information.